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You're a Pro Se

A Pro Se party is someone who doesn’t have an attorney.  Maybe you can’t afford the thousands of dollars for a good matrimonial attorney.  Maybe you are independent and think you can go it alone.  Either way, you need to know the law and procedure in order to adequately represent yourself and have a chance of succeeding.

Have Children?

Custody and parenting issues can prolong the process if you don’t agree.  Need a custody evaluation? You need to know how the court will handle these issues and how much time and money disagreeing will cost you…and your children.  The facts about custody disputes might surprise you…and just maybe may change the way you think about  these issues.

How Bout Them Assets?

Don’t touch my assets! Disputes over allocation of marital property can be time consuming and costly.  Every state has its own laws regarding the distribution of marital assets, but regardless of how a court will handle it, you can be creative and find a solution that results in less aggravation, time and money spent arguing over who gets the antique lamp.


Hi, I’m Jason, but people call me The Divorce Resource Guy.


As a divorce attorney,  my mission is to educate, empower and help you understand your divorce and family law issues so you are prepared to competently represent yourself in court or in negotiations with your spouse if you can’t afford an attorney. 

A contested divorce can cost thousands of dollars, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars. 

If you don’t have that type of money to hire an attorney, you should be able to have the resources to understand the process and what you need to do to represent yourself. 

I can’t give you specific legal advice because I don’t know all the facts of your case, but I can give you the tools and knowledge you need to craft and communicate your message persuasively.

If you are left to represent yourself, I’m here to give you the tools/knowledge to help you do that to the best of your ability.

Introducing The Premier Online Divorce Resource!

If you need help with your divorce, Divorce U is the most comprehensive online divorce resource for you if you can’t afford to hire an attorney.

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How To Win A Divorce

How To Win A Divorce

You Want to Win, Don't You? Go ahead, say it, it's ok.  YOU WANT TO WIN! The question is, what do you want to win? More money?  Assets?  Are you looking to inflict more pain on your spouse? (Why would you want to do that, come on!) The reality is, there is no winning...

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