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Introducing The How To Divorce A Narcissist Boot Camp

If you are married to a narcissist and thinking about divorce, this boot camp was created just for you.  It’s a six-week intensive deep dive that will empower you to divorce your narcissist the right way and set yourself up for a bright post-divorce life.  It’s a group course with weekly live coaching calls and support. You are not alone! Take action now.

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Introducing The Premier Online Divorce Resource!

Whether you have an attorney and want to keep your legal bill down, or If you are representing yourself and you’re overwhelmed and need guidance on what to do, Divorce U is the most comprehensive online divorce resource around and it was created just for you!

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It’s going good. Divorce papers signed 2 weeks ago! I did not have anymore issues with my lawyer. I thank you for the assistance you gave me when my lawyer was not taking any action. Things started moving and he kept me up to date all along the way after I took your advice.

Barbara M.

I had the opportunity to meet Jason in person and he told me about all the benefits of DivorceU. I found his video lessons very useful and the membership is a great resource for those who don’t have an attorney to represent them in their divorce.

David T.

I had two other lawyers tell me I could not win, but I did and I did it all pro se. I had my first supervised visit and it would not have been possible if not for Jason’s help. Thank you!!!

Steven J.

You're a Pro Se

A Pro Se party is someone who doesn’t have an attorney.  Maybe you can’t afford the thousands of dollars for a good matrimonial attorney.  Maybe you are independent and think you can go it alone.  Either way, you need to know the law and procedure in order to adequately represent yourself and have a chance of succeeding.

You Have An Attorney?

Great! Are you happy with your attorney? If not, you need to address that right now. Having the right attorney for your situation is super important. While attorneys should be part of the solution, the wrong attorney can be part of the problem in your divorce. I will help you choose the right attorney for you so you don’t waste thousands of dollars and months of your life not making progress.

Do You Have A Divorce Coach?

Many people don’t know what a divorce coach is, or does. A coach helps you deal with everything that his happening in your life surrounding your divorce. What makes me different is that I coach from an attorney’s point of view because I used to practice as a divorce attorney. So, whether you’re thinking about getting divorced, or already in one, I can help you navigate all the issues you’re dealing with and prepare you for whatever comes your way. I’m your advocate sitting your shoulder whispering in your ear…YOU GOT THIS!


Hi, I’m Jason, but people call me The Divorce Resource Guy.


As a former divorce attorney, now turned divorce coach,  my mission is to educate, empower and help you understand your divorce and family law issues you are dealing with so you can have a cheap and quick divorce, with as little conflict as possible. 

A contested divorce can cost thousands of dollars, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars. 

If you don’t have that type of money to hire an attorney, you should be able to have the resources to understand the process and what you need to do to represent yourself. If you have an attorney, but want to keep your legal fees down, divorce coaching can help. 

I can’t give you specific legal advice because I don’t know all the facts of your case, but I can give you the tools and knowledge you need to craft and communicate your message persuasively, from an attorney’s perspective.

I’m here to give reduce the overwhelm you are feeling and put you in the best position to succeed and move on to bigger, better and happier times.

How to get a Cheap Divorce in Oklahoma

How to get a Cheap Divorce in Oklahoma

This is a guest post and does not reflect the position of this web site on any issue. You have known it and your friends and family have known it for a long time now. Seemingly, everybody has seen it coming. You no longer are the couple you used to be. It is clear...

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