How much will i spend on my divorce?

That’s the number one question I get.  How much will my divorce cost me?  Or, how much will an attorney cost me?

And the Answer is…

It’s expensive!  Freakin expensive, especially if the divorce is contested, contentious and involves multiple hearings in court.

On my web site, I quote an average retainer for an experienced divorce attorney at around $8,000.  That’s just to start.  If you have to file a motion (I’ll explain what that is if you don’t know in another post) and you often do, then that retainer gets used up real quick and you typically have to replenish it, or your attorney will probably drop you because he/she is not getting paid.

Things were going well…life was good. You got married to the love of your life and off into the sunset you two went.

You work hard, trying to pay your bills and save for retirement and perhaps your children’s educations.

And now the marriage didn’t work out and you find that to have an attorney for your divorce, it’s going to cost you thousands of dollars…maybe tens of thousands of dollars if it’s a nasty divorce.

How are you supposed to come up with that type of money?!

Ooooohhhh, you soon find out that you get to use up all your assets to pay your attorney…right, that’s how it works.

Unfortunately, this happens everyday in a lot of divorces.  Unless, you are wealthy and have a bunch of disposable income, hiring an attorney to handle your divorce or family law issue is going to cost you.

And if you don’t have the dough…you’re pretty much out of luck.

Fees, Fees, oh…and Fees

If you don’t have an attorney and are going solo, then you don’t have to worry about paying attorney’s fees, but you do have to pay for court costs and will have other expenses.  For example, you will have to pay for any court filings, such as a Complaint and Answer (keep in mind that even if you do have an attorney you are paying for these, they are included in the bill).

Every time you file a motion or want to ask the court for some relief, you have to pay a filing fee for that. You will have copying costs for exhibits and other proofs you want to use in any papers you file.

Every time you or your spouse files a motion, the costs add up big time.  Don’t forget to factor in the cost of your time to do these things and appear in court. You have to take time off from work each time…were you thinking of that cost to you?

I won’t even get into evaluations, whether for custody or something else…we’re talking thousands for those.

The courts are not designed to help you…they can’t and won’t give you legal advice.

Your Divorce Resource If You Don’t Have An Attorney

I’m guessing if you’ve found me, chances are you cannot afford thousands of dollars for private representation.

I hear you. That’s why I created this resource, for people like YOU!

I know what it’s like to represent yourself because I have seen it firsthand when I was sitting in courtrooms waiting for my case to be heard, or even in cases where I was representing one spouse and the other side was on their own.

It’s confusing enough to understand the law and procedure when you have an attorney, forget about it when you don’t.

My goal is to give you the support you need, but can’t get.  There are legal services assistance programs out there, but most people don’t qualify (you have to literally have nothing), or they don’t have the resources and staff to help you.  And, if you are lucky enough to qualify for legal services, the representation is limited and probably not going to give you the help you really need.

Hey, what can you do, that’s life right? Pardon my French, but that’s BS.

I’m here to be that alternative that doesn’t otherwise exist…I have no motive other than to help you.  That’s why I offer so much free information.  So, let me know how I can help and I will do my best to do so.  That’s my pledge to you.

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Till next time,

Be strong, act confident and stay positive!


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